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We have updated a list of Products, including our PB liqueur!

We'd like to introduce our handling items from 5 sake breweries.

1. Shinozaki

Located in Asakura city of Fukuoka, they have many kinds of original products such as Shochu, Japanese sake, Amazake and liqueur.
We picked up liqueur and developed our PB "Hakuho Pearch Liqueur" !
High-quality white peach called Arakawa Peach is used, generally harvested in July.
This liqueur contains the 28% peach juice, which can enable it to have a rich sweetness.

2. Kishu Honjo Umeyoshi

This brewery is mainly a plum farmer and makes Umeboshi(pickled plums) in Wakayama prefecture.
They make the most of their knowledge for plum liqueur, Enishi, Misao, Ichi and Zen.

3. Takeuchi sake brewery

In Shiga prefecture, this brewery is blessed with rich nature and a good place to make the very tasty sake.
You can check 4 liqueurs made of Asian peach, Yuzu and Mango from Products section.

4. Yano sake brewery

They are particular about brewing Junmai sake in Saga prefecture, multiple award-winning company.
We are sharing 3 types of sake, including their popular items "Hizen Kuragokoro" and "Takenosono".

5. Echigo Beer

This brewery opened a brewpub first in Japan, having a long tradition about Japanese craft beer.
Each product is sophisticated and has an unique packege that can make us feel a story of the item.

Every single sake has a full of its creater's thoughts.
Feel free to contact us if you're interested in these products!