JAN CODE 4901814081406

Japanese Cracker (Soy sauce taste)

Features of this product -
It is a cracker that features a crisp texture and the sweet flavor of soy sauce.
Commodity classification -
Dessert and confectionery
Weight -
Net weight -
81 g
Quantity per carton -
12 pcs
Preservation method -
Normal temperature
Shelf Life -
240 days
Raw Material -
Flour(*34.38%), Vegetable oil,Sugar,Sweet potate starch, Rice flour(Japan), Soy sauce, Dextrin, Salt, Rice brewed seasoning(Rice brewing liquid (rice, glucose, salt), glucose, isomerized liquid sugar, syrup, alcohol, sugar, salt), Spice (peppar), Isomerized glucose syrup, Apple, Brewed vinegar, Baking powder,(503(ii):Ammonium Hydrogen Carbonate,510:Ammonium Chloride,500(i):Sodium Carbonate,Sodium acid pyrophosphate,L-Potassium hydrogen tartrate), Sorbit, Seasoning (Amino acid)(621:Monosodium Glutamate,Sodium 5’-Ribonucleotides,364(ii):Disodium Succinate),150a:Caramel pigment, Thickener (processed starch)