JAN CODE 4901814081437

Japanese Cracker (Brown sugar with peanuts)

Features of this product -
It is a cracker with savory texture and rich brown sugar and peanut flavor.
Commodity classification -
Dessert and confectionery
Weight -
Net weight -
72 g
Quantity per carton -
12 pcs
Preservation method -
Normal temperature
Shelf Life -
240 days
Raw Material -
Dough (Flour(*29.25%), Sweet potate starch, Rice flour(Japan), etc.), Vegetable oil , Processed brown sugar made in Okinawa,Sugar, Sugar preparation(Sugar, Dextrin), Starch syrup, Peanuts, Salt, 150a:Caramel pigment, Baking powder(503(ii):Ammonium Hydrogen Carbonate,510:Ammonium Chloride,500(i):Sodium Carbonate,Sodium acid pyrophosphate,L-Potassium hydrogen tartrate)