JAN CODE 4976740902781

Spicy Animal-Free Ramen 78g*5

Features of this product -
No animal ingredients inside of this prodcut
Commodity classification -
Weight -
Net weight -
390 g
Quantity per carton -
18 pcs
Preservation method -
Normal Temparature
Shelf Life -
10 months
Raw Material -
【Noodle】Flour, Palm oil, Salt, Processed starch, Calcium carbonate, Lye water, Alginic acid, Vitamine E 【Soup】Salt, Sugar, Powdered vege oil, Garlic powder, Sesame powder, Spice, Green onion, Yeast extract, Sesame oil, Gingar powder, Carrot powder, Amino acid, Calcium phosphate, Caramel, Betanin, Carotenoid