JAN CODE 4903088014296

Vegan Hot And Sour Soup Noodle

Features of this product -
No animal ingredients, No additives
Commodity classification -
Weight -
Net weight -
67 g
Quantity per carton -
12 pcs
Preservation method -
Normal Temparature
Shelf Life -
6 months
Raw Material -
【Noodle】 Flour, Salt, Soybean dietary fiber 【Soup】 Soy sauce, Sugar, Fermented vinegar, Salt, Vegetable oil, Miso, Spice, Yeast extract, Garlic paste, Flavor oil, Shiitake extract, Kelp powder 【Topping】 Tofu, Corn, Bok choy, Red pepper, Lye water, Caramel color, Vitamin E, Spice extract, Red pepper color