JAN CODE 4970088140218

Alpha rice - Mixed Vegetable -

Features of this product -
Mixed vegetable rice with five kind of plant-based ingredients that does not use any meat or fish.
Easy to eat at any place, with spoon.
Finished volume will be 260g, approx 2 bowls, after adding water.
Commodity classification -
Weight -
Net weight -
Quantity per carton -
Preservation method -
normal temperature
Shelf Life -
5 years
Raw Material -
Non-Glutinous rice (Japanese origin), dried ingredients (vegetable oil, soysauce, sugar, dried carrot, fried tofu, dried burdock, dried shiitake mushroom, konjac, salt) / sorbitol, seasoning (amino acid), antioxidant (vitamin E) , (includes wheat and soybeans)